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Capstone courses for 2016-17

The following courses are open only to philosophy majors. Only one of them should be chosen to fulfill the capstone requirement. Assessment: 100% coursework.

PHIL3920. Senior essay (capstone experience) (6 credits)

This is a one-semester capstone course for third- and fourth-year Philosophy majors. Each student will be required to audit and attend a 2000-level philosophy course (on top of the 54 credits of level 2000/3000/4000-level courses), and to write a substantial philosophy essay on a topic related to the course under the supervision of an adviser of the student's choosing. The student must obtain the approval of the course teacher and supervisor before the semester. (The supervisor may be the teacher for the audited course, but need not be.) The essay is expected not to exceed 5,000 words, and should be submitted in accordance with a schedule agreed upon with the supervisor. Assessment will be based entirely on the completed thesis.

PHIL4810. Senior seminar (capstone experience) (6 credits)

This is a one-semester capstone course for fourth-year Philosophy majors. The course will focus on readings tailored to studentsí interests. Students will be required to give a presentation and to complete a 2,500 word essay on a topic approved by the course teacher.

PHIL4920. Senior thesis (capstone experience) (12 credits)

This is a full-year capstone course only for fourth-year Philosophy majors. Each student will write a substantial philosophy thesis based on independent research, supervised by a teacher in the Philosophy Department. A student must obtain prior approval in the third year from a teacher, who would agree to supervise the project, and approve the thesis topic by June 15. Approval will only be given to students with exceptionally good grades. The student will then have to work on the thesis over the summer and be able to demonstrate progress made. If the progress is adequate, work on the thesis may continue; if not, the student will have to take two other courses instead. The length of the thesis is expected to be around 10,000 words, to be confirmed by the supervisor. It should normally be submitted not later than the last day of classes of the second semester of the final year.


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