CCHU9005 Food and Values (2016-2017 second semester)

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General information

  • Lecturer: Dr Joe Lau, Department of Philosophy, HKU
  • Lecture: Every Wed 14:30 - 16:20 Lecture hall LE1 (during term time except reading week, university and public holidays)
  • Enrolment: All done by the computer system. The lecturer will not be able to enrol individual students.
  • Contact and office hours: By appointment only. Contact your tutor first if you have questions.
  • There are different websites containing different information:
    • Course description and learning outcomes:
    • Announcements: See Facebook page: Please check the page regularly for updates. If you have questions about the content of the course, post them to Facebook rather than email the lecturer, so that other students can also participate in the discussion.
    • Powerpoint files and assignments in course locker:
    • Readings: See for list of topics and required readings. There is no course text. There are also links to additional recommended readings that would provide more information. You are strongly encouraged to read them to get a better understanding.


  • Provisional schedule with dates (subject to change)
    • 1. Introduction 1.18
    • 2. Food and values 1.25
    • 3. Should we eat meat? #1 2.8
    • 4. Should we eat meat? #2 2.15
    • 5. Food and drugs 2.22
    • 6. Saving the world 3.1
    • 7. Monster food 3.15
    • 8. Capitalism and the food industry 3.22
    • 9. Food and art 3.29
    • 10. Good and bad taste 4.5
    • 11. Movie 4.12
    • 12. Food science 4.19
    • 13. Philosophy and food 4.26



  • 100% coursework. No exam. Deadlines and details will be posted later.
  • See URL of course locker at the top of this page.


  • Plagiarism is not tolerated. See HKU's policy. NEVER copy from others without proper acknowledgement. You can get expelled from HKU.
  • You need to submit your essays online to to check for plagiarism.

Other things you should know