Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Tutorial Assignment for week of November 10 tutorials:


As you know, there is a paper due for this class.  The paper should be 6-7 pages, double spaced (about 1500-2000 words) on a topic of your choosing.


2.  Write one paragraph explaining a proposed topic for your paper.  Put your name and email address on it.  You will be expected to turn this in during tutorial.


3.  Be prepared to discuss your topic proposal for a few minutes in the tutorial section.


To jar your memory, here are some of the topics we have and will discuss.


Functionalism and Materialism 

Homuncular Functionalism


The Naturalistic Project

Mental Representation and the Language of Thought

An Instrumentalist Alternative: Dennett’s Intentional Stance

Representation and Levels of Explanation

Computation and Implemenation

Connectionism and Classical views of the mind


Ideas for choosing a topic:


1.  Choose a topic that interests you.

2.  Write on something you’d like to understand better.

3.  Focus on a particular view, argument or set of arguments.  Assess the arguments.  If you disagree with them, explain why and what you think the alternative is.  If you agree, consider what arguments a critic might raise, and assess those arguments instead.