Delusions and related conditions

Monothematic delusion: a delusional state that extends to only one domain.
Multi-thematic or polythematic delusion: extends to many.

  • Capgras - a close person is replaced by an identical-looking impostor.
  • Fregoli - different looking people are the same person in disguise.
  • Cotard - the subject is dead or does not exist.
  • Mirrored self-misidentification - reflection in a mirror is someone else.
  • Reduplicative paramnesia - place (eg. hospital) / person / object looks the same but has been duplicated.
  • Unilateral neglect - ignores one side of the body / sensory field; denies ownership of body parts on one side.
  • Alien control - someone else contolling one's actions.
  • Thought insertion - thoughts & words in the mind have been put in by someone else.
  • Anosognosia - patient unaware of or denies the existence of their handicap, e.g. blindness, paralysis.