Critical thinking and Metacognition

Critical thinking is a matter of thinking clearly and rationally. I believe strongly that a vibrant liberal democracy requires informed citizens with good critical thinking skills, and that critical reflection is crucial for personal development, and living a moral and meaningful life. So I spend quite a lot of time teaching and promoting critical thinking in Hong Kong and elsewhere:

  • My main project is the development of Critical Thinking Web (, a popular website of free learning material related to thinking skills.
  • I have also published a textbook on critical thinking.
  • I have taught critical thinking at The University of Hong Kong (undergraduate and graduate level). Recently I developed the course material for an introductory critical thinking liberal studies course with about 500 students each year.

There are of course many other thinking skills beside critical thinking that are equally important. In particular, I am very interested in the topic of metacognition, the capacity to monitor and control one’s own thinking process. I believe the teaching of critical thinking should be conceptualized as one component of metacognitive education, and that metacognition should be given a more prominent place in the university curriculum.