Guidance notes

For HKU students going on exchanges:

If you would like to get credit transfer for courses you take during your exchange, please note:

  • Check with your faculty office or the Arts Faculty office about the maximum number of transfer credits you can get. This is especially important if you intend to minor or major in philosophy.
  • For preliminary approval before you go on exchange, you need to provide information about the courses you intend to take.
    • Information includes: course outline, workload, number of hours of lectures / tutorials / meetings per week, course readings and other relevant information.
    • See if you can find the required information online. eg the course website when the course was last offered, university syllabus, etc.
    • If the material is in a language other than English, you need to provide a translation, eg use Google translate.
    • Try to highlight the relevant information if you can, eg. Don't email a set of regulations 300 page long.
    • If you cannot provide *any* information, no preliminary approval will be given.
    • It is understandable that *complete* information is often not available. Preliminary approval is always tentative and conditional upon completion of the course when you can provide such information and show that it is comparable to a HKU philosophy course.