Joe Y.F. Lau

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Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy, The University of Hong Kong.

I grew up in Hong Kong, and studied physics and philosophy at Oxford as an undergraduate. Then I went to MIT for my PhD, working mainly with Ned Block and Robert Stalnaker. My main research area is the philosophy of mind and language.

I have been teaching at the University of Hong Kong since 1994, during which I have served as the Director of the HKU Cognitive Science Centre, and Head of the Philosophy Department. In 2006, I was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship for excellence in teaching.

I am also very interested in promoting critical thinking and metacognition in education. My most recent book An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Creativity was published by Wiley in 2011 (Amazon page). I am the co-founder of Critical Thinking Web (, an opencourseware website offering free online tutorials on logic and related thinking skills. The site is used by teachers and students across the world, and it received a Knowledge Exchange Award from the University of Hong Kong in 2011.