Postgraduate studies

This page is for students thinking of postgraduate studies in philosophy under my supervision.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly.

First of all, are you really sure you want to study philosophy?

OK. So you want to study philosophy, but are you sure you want to apply to HKU? You should consider these issues:

  • You should have a very good academic record.
  • You also need to have good English language skills.
  • We seldom accept students who have not studied philosophy, unless they are really brilliant.
  • Many other overseas universities provide a more comprehensive graduate program in terms of the number of graduate courses available.
  • HKU requires you to finish an MPhil in two years, and a PhD in three or four years.
  • Places are very limited. We do offer studentships, but it is not easy to get one.
  • Because the department is a small one, your favorite supervisor might not be available. He or she might be on sabbatical, or already has too many students.
  • Part-time students do not get studentships, and it is difficult for them to find free time to write a good thesis.

So are you still sure this is the right thing to do? If so read on ...

  • Applicants to HKU should apply to the Graduate School directly. The dept does not process applications.
  • But we strongly encourage you to contact your potential supervisors for more information and discussion.
  • I am reluctant to accept PhD students unless they have a proven record.
  • You should send me a CV, your transcript, a writing sample, and a research proposal.
  • The thesis topic should fall within the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of language, or the philosophy of cognitive science.