[F07] Exercises on fallacies

Identify any fallacy in each of these passages. If no fallacy is committed, select "no fallacy involved".

[Q1] Mr. Lee's views on Japanese culture are wrong. This is because his parents were killed by the Japanese army during World War II and that made him anti-Japanese all his life.

[Q2] Every ingredient of this soup is tasty. So this must be a very tasty soup.

[Q3] Smoking causes cancer because my father was a smoker and he died of lung cancer.

[Q4] Professor Lewis, the world authority on logic, claims that all wives cook for their husbands. But the fact is that his own wife does not cook for him. Therefore, his claim is false.

[Q5] If Catholicism is right, then no women should be allowed to be priests. Catholicism is wrong. Therefore, some women should be allowed to be priests.

[Q6] God does not exist because every argument for the existence of God has been shown to be unsound.

[Q7] The last three times I have had a cold I took large doses of vitamin C. On each occasion, the cold cleared up within a few days. So vitamin C helped me recover from colds.

[Q8] The union's case for more funding for higher education can be ignored. For it is put forward by the very people - university staff - who would benefit from the increased money.

[Q9] Children become able to solve complex problems and think of physical objects objectively at the same time that they learn language. Therefore, these abilities are caused by learning a language.

[Q10] If cheap things are no good then this cheap watch is no good. But this watch is actually quite good. So some good things are cheap.

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