We believe that the promotion of critical thinking ought to be a central aim of education, and that free and open online educational resources will make the world a better place. We offer more than 100 tutorials on critical thinking and creativity.

Our website was founded in 2004 by:

  • Dr. Joe Lau
    Department of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong
  • Dr. Jonathan Chan
    Department of Religion and Philosophy, Baptist University of Hong Kong

The website is now maintained by Dr. Joe Lau. For enquiries, please email jyflau@hku.hk

Awards and evaluations

  • In 2011, Dr. Joe Lau received the University of Hong Kong Arts Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award for his work on this website.
  • This project has been reviewed and highly praised by various external assessors of the University of Hong Kong Philosophy Department.
  • In 2004, the website was reviewed by a Teaching Development Grant committee of the Hong Kong Government University Grants Committee. The report said this website "has made an impressive impact on the teaching and learning of the host institution as well as some other local and overseas institutions. In particular, the curriculum reforms of the relevant courses in the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist University arising out of the development of this project is commendable."

Help us make a difference!

We want to keep this website pleasant to use and completely free. That is why we refuse to run advertisements. The only exceptions are ads served by third-party videos and search results over which we have no control.

Your financial support can help us expand the site and provide more free resources for teachers and students all over the world. Many people have asked if we can offer a comprehensive online course on critical thinking providing a certificate upon completion. A large donation will enable us to do that.

Donations can be sent to the University of Hong Kong. Please see the instructions here. Designate your gift to the Faculty of Arts (Philosophy - Critical Thinking Web)". Please email Joe Lau (jyflau@hku.hk) if you have made a donation or if you would like to discuss how your donation is to be spent.

There are other ways to help too! We also welcome volunteers to translate our Miniguide to critical thinking into other languages!


Startup funding came from The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and also The Hong Kong Government's University Grants Committee. The project is hosted by the HKU Philosophy Department. We thank these institutions for their support.

Various individuals have contributed to this project. Peter Lewis wrote most of the material on statistical reasoning. Most pages on derivations in formal logic were written by Patrick Hawley for a HKU online course. We would also like to thank : Rachel Chan, Chan Yui Hang, Gary Lam, Chris Lau, Sally Mok, Pei K. N., Wo Wing Chi, Norva Lo, Tim van Gelder, Wu Tong Tong, Lawrence Wong, Dora Tam, Naomi Choi, Alicia Lie.