Tim Moore

about my academic life and work, in the rough form of a curriculum vitae
but including some unpublished items,

to which are added some fictional fragments and some recollections

(first put online in summer 1997;
latest update in autumn 2017)

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Knowledge incorporated:
past and future
a public lecture given at the University of Hong Kong 2000
Condillac article about Étienne Bonnot, abbé de Condillac 1998
Bergson and cognitive science seminar paper 1997
Unnatural Kinds:
remarks on Linnæus’s classification of mental disorders
seminar paper 1996
Nomads paper read to the British Association for the Advancement of Science 1975
False Beginnings:
early nineteenth episodes in the human sciences
various versions existed various dates
from 1971 to now


حكمة من النيل : قصص من القبابٔل النيلية ، جمعها وقدّمها لهم أحمد الشاهعي و تم مور ، مركز عبدالكاريم مرغني لثقافي ، أم درناب [Wisdom from the Nile:
stories from Nilotic tribes, Ahmed al Shahi & Tim Moore, Abdul Karim Mirghani Centre Press, Omdurman, 398 pp]
ISBN 978-9992-4-623-6 2017
Developing Learning Environments Ora Kwo, Tim Moore, John Jones (ed.), University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong, 358 pp ISBN 962-209-690-5 2004
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other separately published items

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Abstracts, compiled by FCT Moore, University of Hong Kong ISBN 962-86230-2-8 2001
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CHARLES, a microcomputer-assisted learning package for computer literacy (on the topic ‘How computers work’), a set of seven diskettes, information sheets for teachers and students, a peripheral called the ‘Fingerpad’, and two manuals, versions 1.0 and 2.0. (Co-authors: Chan Ho Mun, Laurence Goldstein, and Yu Kam Por) ISBN 1987, 1989
LOGIC TUTOR, a microcomputer-assisted learning package for elementary logic, with a set of four diskettes, a technical manual, and a user’s manual (sixth edition 1997 vii-55 pp; co-author: Laurence Goldstein) user's manual 1988: ISBN 962-375-003-X; 1997: 962-375-005-6 1981, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1997
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2 2
Philological Preface to The Relationship between the Physical and the Moral in Man by F.C.T. Moore, translated from the French by Darian Meacham in The Relationship between the Physical and the Moral in Man by Maine de Biran, ed. and trans. Darian Meacham and Joseph Spadola, Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 25-31 (see above, books 1984) ISBN 978-1-350-02030-6 2017
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other texts


حكمة من الصحراع
(Wisdom from the Desert)
companion volume to حكمة من النيل (Wisdom from the Nile, 2017; see above)

in progress or pending

The Structure of the Will This has been a project for a book for decades. I may not carry it through, though I’ve had it in mind on and off for a long time, and still favour the idea.
It starts with what might be called a ‘transcendental deduction’ of the will,
as a source of change (very contrary to Kant’s position).
From that in turn, the emotions would be derived ...
Exploring the Ass This book relates and explores a variety of practical and theoretical
dilemmas which can be construed as versions of Buridan’s Ass. Various
attempts at finding a publisher for the English text (completed but without
projected supporting material), including the OUP’s ‘Very Short Introduction’
series, have failed. The book was originally commissioned by Rochester University Press,
but this (informal) commissioning was not upheld when the commissioning editor left the press.
I’m now working on a French version, destined to be sent to the French philosophy publisher
Vrin for their successful series ‘What is ...’.;
The series is somewhat like the OUP’s VSO series, but confined to philosophy.
The Mysteries of Crito of Samos (about 219,000 words) Eight related novellas set in the Mediterranean of the fifth century BCE.
Crito is a sophist who solves mysteries (in the modern sense) for a fee. Completed.
Attempts at publication so far unsuccessful.
Icarus A novel set in the first decade of third millennium of our era (about 74,000 words). Icarus is the editor of the Crito texts. recent
The Island of Exile An incomplete novel set in the third century of the third millennium of our era (about 34,000 words). Dagobert, the chief character, is an admirer of Crito’s writings. recent


lecturer/senior lecturer in Philosophy The University of Birmingham, UK 1965-1979
senior lecturer in Philosophy The University of Khartoum, Sudan 1969-72
Chair of Philosophy The University of Hong Kong 1979-2000
Emeritus professor of philosophy,
Consultant to the University on Teaching Quality and Innovation
and Director of the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching
The University of Hong Kong 2000-2002

other positions

34th International Congress of Asian and North African Studies, held in Hong Kong
Member of the advisory committee, Chairman of the Programme Committee for West Asia and North Africa, and Chairman of a panel on Classical Islamic Philosophy and related topics 1993
Expo 2001, a HK$100M public exhibition marking the University of Hong Kong’s 80th anniversary member of the planning Committee, organizer of a multidiscplinary and high-tech exhibit called ‘The Fourth Revolution’ concerning the effect of technologies on learning 1993
European Journal of Philosophy member of the Advisory Committee 1993-
Hong Kong Research Grants Council project for IMPACT (‘Intelligent multimedia package for the advancement of creative and critical thinking’) Principal Investigator 1992-
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Visiting professor 1991
Cognitive Science Working Group, The University of Hong Kong member 1989-90
Strategic Research Grant for Microcomputer-assisted Logic Learning Principal Investigator 1987-
China, the Chinese and the West, international symposium to mark the 75th anniversary of the University of Hong Kong Chairman of the Organizing Committee 1986
Barnard College, Columbia University, New York Visiting Professor 1985
Preparation of an edition of Maine de Biran, Essai sur les fondements de la psychologie holder of research grants 1984-1998
Arts Faculty working party on Linguistics, The University of Hong Kong convenor 1980
CNRS planning group for a new edition of the works of Maine de Biran member 1980
University of St Andrews External Examiner in Philosophy 1979-81
gouvernement français bourse 1974
British Academy European Exchange Fellowship 1974
University of Makerere External Examiner in Philosophy 1970-72


education King’s College School, Wimbledon
Keble College, Oxford (BA in Litterae Humaniores)
St Antony’s College, Oxford (to 1965: D.Phil. on The Psychology of Maine de Biran)
degree awarded by the examiners: Stuart Hampshire and Henri Gouhier.
to 1958
to 1962
to 1965
nationality British & French


e-mail: fctmoore@hku.hk

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