[G07] The 7-S framework

The McKinsey 7S Framework is a management tool invented by business consultants Robert Waterman, Jr. and Tom Peters. It is a useful tool for analyzing a company. We have included this tool here because we think it can also be quite useful for planning some perersonal project.

The diagram above provides a list of issues we need to consider in order to achieve our goals:

  1. Strategy: What is the plan and timeline? What do we need to do or achieve at different stages?
  2. Structure: This is more about the organizational structure of the company, such as how employees should be grouped together to achieve the goals. So if you have a team of people, this is about who is in charge and who is responsible for what.
  3. Systems: What kind of resources do you need? Money? Hardware? What kind of working habits should you adopt? Which tools would improve your productivity when you work on this project?
  4. Staff: Is there anyone who can help you? Who has done this before and can give you some advice?
  5. Style: If you will end up with a product that you hope other people will use, e.g. a book, a new design, etc, how are you going to promote it? What about the presentation and publicity efforts? How do you maximize the impact of your ideas?
  6. Skills: Do you have the knowledge required to achieve your goals? What else do you need to learn? Is there a weak spot and do you need to do something about it?
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