Dr. Nado wins GRF grant

Assistant Professor Jennifer Nado has been awarded a General Research Fund grant for her project “Re-Engineering Epistemology”. The project will examine revisionary approaches to central concepts in epistemology.

Professor Cook wins Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship

Professor Alexandra Cook has been awarded a Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship for the calendar year 2019 by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council. Prof. Cook will be in residence 2018-19 at the Institute for Advanced Study, Nantes, France, where she will pursue research in eighteenth-century history of medicine and science. The Institute for … Continued

How (And When) To Think Like A Philosopher

As an undergraduate, I majored in philosophy – a purportedly useless major, except that it teaches you how to think, write and speak. The skills I was learning from working through papers and arguments extended well beyond the coursework itself, yielding habitual patterns of reasoning that made me a more discerning scientist, a more careful … Continued