Li Ka Shing Prize

There are two annual Li Ka Shing Prizes, awarded on the basis of academic excellence, one for a PhD thesis and one for an MPhil thesis. The prizes are not specifically for philosophy but open to any discipline in the whole university.

  • 2018-19: PhD, Sarman, Sanja
  • 2010-11: MPhil, WU Yi
  • 1997-99: PhD, FRASER, Christopher James
  • 1995-97: MPhil, WONG Ching Wa
  • 1991-93: MPhil, WONG Wai Hung

Erik Kvan Postgraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student reading for the degree of M.Phil. or Ph.D. in the Department of Philosophy or Psychology who has (a) satisfactorily completed at least one year of study in the philosophy of mind or related areas in philosophy, or any of the following areas in psychology: perception, personality, cognitive psychology, social psychology; and (b) resided in Hong Kong for at least five years prior admission as a M. Phil. or Ph.D. student of this University. Please visit for information pertaining to this scholarship application.