Postgraduate courses

Students are required to complete both of the following courses, PHIL6820 and PHIL6830, as well as any non-philosophy courses that the Graduate School makes compulsory.

PHIL6820 Graduate Seminar in Research Methods (offered in semester 2). Research postgraduates should take this course in the first semester of their first year of study. The purpose of the course is to provide basic training in philosophical research methods. Students will present their own work in progress to their fellow students and a staff moderator in preparation for presenting a required paper in the Department Seminar series (usually by the end of their 2nd year). Students are also required to attend the weekly department seminar to critique the research methods used in the seminar.  Mode of assessment: Continuous assessment 100%.

PHIL6830 Special Topics in Philosophy. The student will attend an undergraduate course in consultation with his or her supervisor. The course must not have been taken previously. The chosen course will be enhanced for postgraduate students by further readings and assignments. Mode of assessment: Continuous assessment 100%.

See this page from the Graduate School about coursework requirements. Note that taking PHIL6820 exempts philosophy postgraduates from having to take one of the Graduate School’s `Research Methods’ courses, but other Graduate School courses remain compulsory.