Intro courses

  • Semester 1: PHIL1012 Mind and Knowledge (Dr Deutsch)
  • Semester 2: PHIL1034 Ethics and politics (Dr Fraser)

Senior courses – Semester 1

  • PHIL2025 Hume (Dr Arthur Chin)
  • PHIL2105 Vagueness, indeterminacy, and uncertainty (Dr McCarthy)
  • PHIL2230 Philosophy and Cognitive science (Dr Lau)
  • PHIL2260 Seminar in Mind and Language (Dr Michael Johnson)
  • PHIL2310 Theories of morality (Dr Asay)
  • PHIL2341 Bioethics (Dr Canca)
  • PHIL2380 Phil and literature (Dr Luke Philips)
  • PHIL2470 Moral psychology (Dr Fraser)
  • PHIL2520 Philosophy of logic (Dr Michael Johnson)

Senior courses – Semester 2

  • PHIL2060 Wittgenstein (Dr Deutsch)
  • PHIL2080 Marxist philosophy (Prof Ci)
  • PHIL2110 Knowledge (Dr Deutsch)
  • PHIL2115 Skepticism and relativism (Dr Asay)
  • PHIL2120 Topics in analytic philosophy (Dr Lau)
  • PHIL2140 Philosophy of social science (Dr McCarthy)
  • PHIL2217 Issues in Contemporary Metaphysics (Dr Wolff)
  • PHIL2340 Moral problems (Dr Arthur Chin)
  • PHIL2360 Political philosophy (Prof Ci)
  • PHIL2450 Zhuangzi (To be confirmed)

Special cases

  • PHIL1068 Elementary logic (Dr Deutsch coordinator, 1st semester)
  • PHIL4810 Senior seminar (Dr Fraser, 1st semester) by invitation only