• Introductory courses – The department offers two general introductory courses in philosophy (PHIL1012 and PHIL1034). There are no prerequisites. These courses will normally be offered every year in different semesters. This is a requirement for all philosophy majors and minors. Normally they should be taken in either the first or second year of study. These two courses are also strongly recommended for students who do not intend to major or minor in philosophy.
  • All senior-level courses (except the capstone courses) fall into one of four groups:
    • Knowledge and reality
    • Mind and language
    • Moral and political philosophy
    • History of philosophy
  • Philosophy majors are strongly encouraged (but not required) to take courses from each of these groups. The official syllabus indicates the group that a courses belongs to.
  • Philosophy majors are also required to take a capstone course. See below.
  • Final-Year Courses: Philosophy majors in the four-year curriculum must take a “capstone” course giving them the opportunity to apply disciplinary knowledge and methods learned in their previous years of study.

List of courses

  • All courses are one-semester courses worth 6 credit units unless stated otherwise.
  • Those marked with [*] are intermediate-level courses which are particularly suitable for second and third-year students.
  • Course timetable (being updated)

Semester 1

  • PHIL1012 Mind and knowledge: an introduction to philosophy – Dr. Deutsch
  • PHIL2010 Plato – Dr. Wildish
  • PHIL2025 Hume – Dr. Chin
  • PHIL2100 Paradoxes of decision – Dr. McCarthy
  • PHIL2115 Skepticism and relativism – Dr. Asay
  • PHIL2220 The mind – Dr. Deutsch
  • PHIL2360 Political philosophy – Professor Ci
  • PHIL2362 Liberal democracy – Professor Ci
  • PHIL2390 Philosophy of Religion – Dr. Johnson
  • PHIL2410 Mind and language in Chinese thought – Dr. Fraser
  • PHIL2511 Paradoxes – Dr. Nado
  • [*] PHIL2800 Buddhist philosophy – Dr. Chaturvedi

Semester 2

Capstone courses

  • PHIL3920 Senior essay  – both semesters
  • PHIL4810 Senior seminar (semester 2) – Dr. Lau
  • PHIL4920 Senior thesis (full-year, 12 credit units)

Summer courses

  • PHIL2355 Theories of justice – Dr. Chin
  • PHIL2341 Bioethics – Dr. Asay (withdrawn)

Course in previous years