Course coordinator - Dr. Joe Lau (The University of Hong Kong) B.A. (Oxf); Ph.D. (MIT)

Intrigued by the mysteries of the universe, Joe Lau went to Oxford to study physics and philosophy. While he was there, he became interested in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, and so he went to MIT for graduate studies in philosophy. He joined the HKU Philosophy Department in 1994. His main research interest concerns the nature and scope of computational theories of cognition and consciousness. He is currently finishing a book on critical thinking. When he is not busy, he likes to hike, code, and conduct post-modernist cooking experiments.

Teacher for day #1 - Dr. Benny Fung Chi-leung ( BA, MSc, PCEd, PhD )

Benny Fung is a language teacher in a secondary school; he has been teaching English since last century. He tries to bring the elements of stand-up comedies to the classroom in order to raise students’ learning motivation and their critical awareness in thinking. His teaching interests also include philosophy of education and epistemology on religious education.

Teacher for day #2 - Dr. Kwok, Wai-man Wyman (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) (BSc, MPhil, PhD)

After graduating with a physics degree (BSc) from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Wyman Kwok continued his postgraduate study in philosophy at CUHK (MPhil) and at the City University of Hong Kong (PhD). He mainly teaches methodology of thinking and philosophy of science at CUHK, and he also has been teaching courses in logic, philosophy of science, ethics, and linguistics at some other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. In addition, since 2005, he has been an instructor for the Program for the Gifted and Talented organized by the Faculty of Education at CUHK, which conducts courses for outstanding students of secondary schools, which are similar in nature to this proposed course.

Tutor - Fanny Ho

As demonstrator for the Philosophy Department at HKU, Fanny has spent the better part of her last four years teaching small-group tutorials for Dr. Joe Lau's popular undergraduate course Critical Thinking and Logic. This experience is nothing short of rewarding for her because she strongly believes that good critical thinking skills are the cornerstone of any quality education. She is delighted at the opportunity to help in this program, before she sets sail for Scotland in the UK where she'll pursue further studies in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.