Statement of Support for Students Arrested at Chater Road Sit-In

The School of Humanities at the University of Hong Kong is committed to instilling the values of independent, critical thinking along with active engagement in the social, cultural, and political life of Hong Kong. The School upholds the values of freedom of opinion and expression, both in private and in public.

In light of the recent mass arrests at a peaceful demonstration by student activists at Chater Road, including students of the University of Hong Kong and the School of Humanities, the following members of the School wish to voice their strong support and solidarity with those arrested. We are proud that so many Hong Kong students are devoting their time and energy to pursuing non-violent protests that express their wish for a more open and democratic society.

We will continue to offer moral and practical support to all such students in their continuing efforts to pursue their desire for political transformation in Hong Kong.

Members of the School of Humanities, University of Hong Kong:

Prof Timothy O’Leary (Head of School); Dr Sze Wei Ang; Dr Umberto Ansaldo; Prof John Carroll; Dr Esther Cheung; Prof David Clarke; Dr Peter Cunich; Dr Max Deutsch; Dr Chris Fraser; Dr Roz Hammers; Emeritus Prof Chad Hansen; Dr Yeewan Koon; Dr Joe Lau; Dr Michelle Li; Dr Opher Mansour; Prof Gina Marchetti; Prof Stephen Matthews; Dr David McCarthy; Dr David Pomfret; Dr Priscilla Roberts; Dr Dan Robins; Dr Mirana Szeto; Dr Dan Vukovich; Dr Johanna Wolff; Prof Xu Guoqi; Dr Winnie Yee.

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