Choices in Philosophy 2009-2010

Choices in Philosophy -- 2009 booklet cover

These web pages provide information about the undergraduate courses available in the year 2009-2010. Please note that they might be revised to take into account changes in course offerings.

  • If you are new to philosophy, our four general first-level courses all aim to give you an introduction, and to get you thinking for yourselves. They do not require any previous background in philosophy. All these courses are available to students in different faculties.
  • If you want to learn some logic, we have some logic courses which may sharpen your mind, including CRITICAL THINKING AND LOGIC, a three-unit self-learning course called ELEMENTARY LOGIC, and a more advanced formal logic course.
  • If you have already studied philosophy and want to take further courses, or to major in the subject, there are lots of possibilities. We are a very varied group of teachers, with different points of view, and a wide range of interests. We give you as students the opportunity to help us decide some of the courses to be put on.
  • If you are a B.A. student going into the second year, note that your choices include taking a double major, combining philosophy with another discipline (including disciplines from the Social Sciences Faculty, like Psychology, Political Science or Sociology), as well as the "joint major" programme in LINGUISTICS & PHILOSOPHY.
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  • If you want to know more about what philosophy is, please look at our on-line philosophy guide at:


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