An International Postgraduate Conference

Hosted by the Department of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong

Thursday 12 December, 9.30 17:45

Friday 13 December, 10.00 17:30

THEMES: There is a growing philosophical interest in understanding the emotions and their place in human experience. What is an emotion is it a state, or is it a process? What, if anything, do our emotions tell us about the world or our needs? What is and should be the role of emotions in, for example, approaching ethical problems? One of the areas in which these questions become most vibrant is in thinking about art in its broadest possible sense (fine arts, music, cinema, literature, etc). Do artworks arouse real or quasi emotions? How do we derive pleasure from experiencing negative emotions in art? Is there any moral or pragmatic value in an emotional engagement with artworks? If artworks succeed in evoking emotion, what can that tell us about the nature of emotions per se? This conference is designed to provide postgraduate students who are working on said issues in aesthetics, comparative philosophy, philosophy of mind, psychology, cinema studies, music and literature, the opportunity to present their work-in-progress to peers for review and dialogue.


Matthew Kieran (Professor of Philosophy and the Arts, University of Leeds)

Amy Coplan (Associate Professor of Philosophy, California State University Fullerton)

POSTGRADUATE STUDENT SPEAKERS: from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Finland, United Kingdom.

  • Full Programme & Abstracts: HERE


Arts Academic Conference Room, Room 436, 4/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, University of Hong Kong

All welcome, registration NOT required.

This conference has been supported by the Postgraduate Students Conference Grant of the Research Grants Council, Hong Kong; the Department of Philosophy and the School of Humanities, University of Hong Kong.