Credit transfer FAQ

Questions about credit transfer for exchange visits?

  • Q: I am about to apply for exchange but my host university will not release the course syllabus until later. How can I apply for credit transfer?
  • A: Use the old version of the syllabus from previous years in your preliminary application, and submit the new version when you return and apply for official credit transfer approval.
  • Q: How many credits would I get for each course I take at the host university?
  • A: It depends in part on the number of hours of lectures and tutorials involved. The general principle is that equivalent credit transfer depends on similarity of workload. You might have to check with the faculty office to see if there has been past precedents. Attach information about workload when you apply.
  • Q: Do I submit the application for credit transfer before or after exchange studies?
  • A: You usually apply for preliminary informal approval before you go (contact the undergraduate coordinator). Then you apply for official approval when you get back.

Contact the undergraduate coordinator (Dr Alexandra Cook) if you have any questions.