Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall primarily works in metaphysics and in related areas in logic, the philosophy of language, and philosophy of science. Topics he is currently working on include the metaphysics of possible worlds and time, counterpart theory, and the theory of intrinsic properties. Dan did an undergraduate degree majoring in mathematics and philosophy at the University of Melbourne, before completing a masters degree in mathematics, also at the University of Melbourne. He then started a PhD in philosophy at the Australian National University, which he had to suspend in 2002 due to serious illness. After a lengthy recovery process, Dan resumed his PhD in 2007 and graduated in 2011. In September 2010 he took up a two year position as a research scholar in the School of Humanities at the University of Hong Kong, and he is now a visiting assistant professor in the philosophy department at the University of Hong Kong.

List of papers:

1. Counterpart Theory and The Problem of Actuality (Talk)

2. A Puzzle for Modal Realism (Talk)

3. Yablo's Account of Intrinsicality, forthcoming in Robert Francescotti (eds.), Companion to Intrinsic Properties: De Gruyter

4. Intrinsicality and Grounding, forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

5. 'Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Properties', (co-authored with Brian Weatherson), The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2013 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), forthcoming URL = <http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/spr2013/entries/intrinsic-extrinsic/>

6. 'Analyses of Intrinsicality without Naturalness', Philosophy Compass 8 (2013), no. 2, 186-197

7. 'Analyses of Intrinsicality in terms of Naturalness', Philosophy Compass 7 (2012), no. 8, 531-542

8. 'Can "Intrinsic" be Defined using only Broadly Logical Notions?', Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 78 (2009), no. 3, 646-672

9. 'The Product of a Nonsymmetric Jack Polynomial with a Linear Function', Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 131 (2002), no. 6, 1817-1827

10. 'Langton and Lewis on "Intrinsic"', (co-authored with Josh Parsons), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 63 (2001), no. 2, 347-352

11. 'Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Macdonald Polynomials', Annals of Combinatorics 3 (1999), no. 2-4, 384-415