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For full details of my Research and Teaching at HKU, see my personal website:


I am Professor of Philosophy and Head of the School of Humanities.

My major research interests are in the fields of ethics, politics, and the philosophy of literature and art, with a particular focus on 20th century European philosophy. I have published extensively on the work of Michel Foucault.

I am currently working on a GRF-funded project that will lead to a monograph, provisionally titled "The Conduct of Moral Sensibility."

I am an International Participant of the Interdisciplinary Network for the Critical Humanities, based at the University of Utrecht Terra Critica:

In recent years I published in the area of the philosophy of literature, especially in relation to the works of modern and contemporary Irish writers. I also worked on comparative (China-West) philosophical approaches to happiness an area in which I established and managed a major collaborative research project at HKU. This culminated in publication of a Special Issue of the journal Philosophical Topics on "Happiness".

At HKU, I have taught courses on Foucault, Nietzsche, happiness, contemporary European philosophy, philosophy of art and literature, Plato, and the philosophical problems of modernity.

I supervise post-graduate students in the fields of 20th century European philosophy, ethics in the continental tradition, and aesthetics.

For full details of my Research and Teaching at HKU, see my personal website:

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