** Course Announcement – Semester 1 2021 **

Seminar in Mind and Language (PHIL2260):

Topics in Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence

For Fall 2021, the Seminar in Mind and Language (PHIL2260) will focus on philosophical issues in artificial intelligence. It will start with foundational topics, such as the Turing machine, symbolic system, connectionism, and robotics. Then, we will address the philosophical implications of the recent development in deep neural networks, reinforcement learning, and big data. Finally, the course will discuss AI’s social and ethical dimensions, including technological singularity, algorithmic bias, and digital manipulation.

The seminar will be taught by Dr Linus Huang, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Society of Fellows in the Humanities, HKU. More information about him and this course can be found on his website:https://www.sof.arts.hku.hk/linushuang